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Rejected: The most inoffensive athiest ad campaign ever!

The NEPA Freethought Society's ad campaign spearheaded by Justin Vacula and supported by American Atheists was to be an intentionally inoffensive ad campaign to let Scranton, PA atheists know where to go for support. Well, as to be expected the mere announcement that atheists do indeed exist was deemed too controversial and debatable by the COLTS bus company and the ad was rejected.

Response from COLTS Bus Company:

Jim Smith, the advertising contact at COLTS, said that the reason for refusal — appealing to the very questionable and vague advertising policy of COLTS — was that COLTS does not accept ads which could be deemed controversial or otherwise spark public debate.

Yet the COLTS Bus Company found it acceptable to display "God Bless America" on its electronic ticker, displaying seamigly inoffensive yet highly debatable ad promoting adoption over abortion, and an ad for a local blogger that includes links to Holocaust denialist websites and white supremacist information plus more.

The NEPA Freethought Society stands firmly against the idea that the existence of atheists in our society is a controversial or debatable fact of life. Our freethought society will be mounting our own counter to the rejection, but in the meantime American Atheist have responded to COLTS with the following letter:

American Atheist Letter To Colts Bus Company

The attention the NEPA Freethought Society's ad campaign is getting in the atheist blogosphere and news is also quite exciting. The following is a list of blogs and articles in response to the ad's rejection.

These and many other blogs reposting the news have caused a incredible jump in traffic for both and giving us over 18,000 hits in just one day!

Please check back as more news is to come.

By: Jason Gogola (Board Member, Web Director, Media Producer)

Date Posted: 02/29/2012

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