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#12 - Practical Strategies to Combat Faith with Dr. Peter Boghossian 05/23/2012

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Show Notes:

Podcast Topic:

The episode – largely a discussion between Dr. Boghossian and the podcast's host Justin Vacula – covers three interrelated topics: what religious faith means and why it is, as Boghossian calls it, a cognitive sickness and pretending to know something you don't know; how all types of people can effectively engage persons of faith; and how individuals can be effective agents of change in the secular movement and beyond.


  • Justin Vacula (Podcast Host, Co-Organizer, Spokesperson, and a Board Member)
  • Jason G (Producer, Web Director, and a Board Member)
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About Dr. Peter Boghossian:

Philosopher Dr. Peter Boghossian on the NEPA Freethought Society Podcast
Photo credit: Nicholle Clemetson

Dr. Peter Boghossian is a faculty member of the Philosophy Department at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He has been called the Christopher Hitchens of the Northwest, has published various controversial articles, given even more controversial public lectures, and is an outspoken critic of faith.

Peter’s podcasts, and lectures are free to download from Philosophy News. You can follow Peter on Twitter @peterboghossian.

Mentioned in the Podcast:

Music used in podcast:

  • Artist: Elliot Smith
    Song: Pitseleh
    Lyrics highlighted:

    You say that God makes problems just to see what you can stand before you do as the devil pleases. Give up the thing you love. No one deserves it.


05/26/2012 TiltedHorizon
Very informative, Dr. Boghossian's advice appears to mesh well with my thoughts on debating/speaking with day to day theists.

I don't currently have a collection of podcasts or lectures, may as well start one now with Peter's.

05/23/2012 karlaporter
Very enjoyable - a great listen. ~Karla

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